Our Process

1)   A site evaluation will be performed by PolyTech USA to gather all necessary information to complete the project.  This includes inspecting the foundation, footings and concrete for settling and determining what environmental factors will be present.   Once the scope of work has been determined we gather any documents that can assist us with the project (soils tests, engineering reports, building blueprints, etc.).  This allows us to confidently apply the right geo-polymer for the repair.

2)   Depending on the factors of the project, and before any polyurethane injections take place, the concrete floor or slab must be scanned using ground penetrating radar technology to locate utility and plumbing lines, rebar, in-floor heating, etc.

3)   Once the area has been scanned and marked, PolyTech technicians can safely and confidently drill a series of access points in the affected area. These access points are small, 5/8” drill holes that allows the polyurethane foam to be injected under the concrete.

4)   Specially designed ports are securely attached to the access points.  Enclosed inside a mobile unit is one of our pressurized systems designed for the injection of polyurethane grouts.   Attached to the unit is a heated hose that securely attaches to the access port.

5)   The polyurethane foam is injected through the ports crawling deep into the loose soil base.  The expanding foam stabilizes weak soils and fills all subsurface voids. Crews carefully monitor the process to insure a safe and effective lift.

6)   Once the sunken concrete has been leveled and stabilized the access points are patched and the repaired area is ready for use.