Polyurethane Foam vs. Mudjacking

What is the cost of raising concrete with polyurethane?

Polyurethane is up to 75% cheaper than re-pouring concrete. The cost is similar to mudjacking, but polyurethane is a long-term repair, not a temporary fix. Plus, the repaired area is ready to use immediately.

Is polyurethane foam lightweight?

Yes, polyurethane is a light weight material compared to traditional mudjacking slurry (2-6 pounds of polyurethane foam vs. 100-130 pounds of mud slurry). Because of the light weight properties of the foam, it won’t burden the underlying soils which are often loose and poorly compacted. Mud slurry is extremely heavy and within a couple years can compact the loose soil base causing resettlement.


What size drill hole is used with polyurethane foam injections?

With polyurethane, we are able to drill smaller holes than what is required with traditional slabjacking methods.

Polyurethane: 1/4″ – 5/8″

Mudjacking: 1-5/8″ – 2″ (see image)

Is polyurethane concrete raising considered a long term repair?

Raising settled concrete with polyurethane is considered a long-term repair, not a temporary fix. Our lightweight high-density foams won’t loose density like mudjacking slurry. Once the foam has cured it will maintain its compressive strength, we are so confident in its integrity that all of our work is guaranteed.

How many drill holes are needed to raise settled concrete with polyurethane compared to mudjacking?

With polyurethane, fewer holes are drilled in your concrete for a cleaner look compared to mudjacking. Because polyurethane enters the soil base as a highly pressurized liquid, we can achieve a large coverage area from each injection site. Our polymers can flow and expand anywhere from 4 to 15 feet from each injection site. Because of the heavy nature of mud slurry only 1-2 feet of coverage should be expected from each drill hole. As a result 50%-75% more holes are needed to repair

Will polyurethane foam washout like mud slurry? The slurry mixture used in the mudjacking process is vulnerable to water intrusion and therefore washout. Our polyurethanes are fully hydro-insensitive and will maintain it’s compressive strength. Polyurethane won’t cause further settling and has a leveling accuracy within 1/10th of an inch.

PolyTech USA is able to drill the industries smallest incision holes to inject polyurethane. We leave the top of your cement infrastructure looking nearly untreated with the exception of being level. With smaller and fewer drill holes than mudjacking, and at a comparable price, we offer the number one repair solution for settling concrete and infrastructure.

High Density Polyurethane Foam can spread into voids as small as 1/32″. Polyurethane foam will flow and expand into cracks, voids and crevices expanding far beyond the initial injection hole. Polyurethane is hydro-insensitive, meaning that water can not penetrate the material and break it down. The standard mud jacking slurry will start to break down after water hits it and typically will washout after a few years. Polyurethane is a reliable and long-term repair, whereas mudjacking is a temporary fix.