Industrial Floors


Industrial Floor Repairs: PolyTech offers industrial floor repair services throught the Minneapolis and St. Paul areas. We use a high density, industrial grade polyurethane foam to lift and support indusrtial floors. Polyurethane foam injections can quickly and effectively lift and level concrete floors. Our noninvasive process puts facility managers and owners in control of their buildings. Minimal downtime means you can keep operations running and cash-flow moving. In most cases, PolyTech is able to save clients up to 75% when compared to re-pouring the floor.

Projects include floor leveling and support, soil stabilization, undersealing, void fills and machine pad support.


• Zero excavation

• Non-invasive procedure with minimal downtime

• Small, penny-size drill holes

• Little to no revenue loss due to operations shutting down

• Cost effective

• Treated area is ready for use in hours, not days or weeks

Crack Repair: PolyTech also offers epoxy and epoxy/polyurea blended joint filler for weak and deteriorating floor joints and cracks.