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6 Tips to Help You Hire The Right Foundation Repair Professional

Home ownership or ownership of any kind of building comes with a bevy of responsibilities that you didn’t have when you were just renting. One of the biggest responsibilities (and inconveniences) is home repair. But when you are working with a highly knowledgeable and qualified professional, home repair projects don’t have to be a headache…. Read more »

House Lifting For Foundation Repair And Other Purposes

House lifting takes more then 1,000 balloons and a sense of imagination. If you’ve ever seen a home being slowly moved down the street on a large trailer you were witnessing the  outcome of a house lifting procedure. Lifting a home off of its foundation so that it is possible to transport it to another… Read more »

5 Benefits of Hiring Professionals For Basement Repairs

Whether it is a seriously damaged basement or just a mini project to repair a small fixture, hiring an experienced, highly qualified professional contractor is always a wise investment. If you are still on the fence about whether or not you will hire a professional for a repair job, research the benefits of having the work done… Read more »

Signs Your Home May be in Need of Foundation Repair

Your home’s foundation serves a critical role in maintaining your home’s structural integrity. However, over time, shifting in the ground underneath your home can result in damage to your home’s foundation. Should your foundation become cracked or damaged, it is important to have it repaired as soon as possible as a damaged foundation can threaten… Read more »

4 Signs it’s Time for Minnesota Garage Floor Repair

Your garage floor may not be a main focus for you when it comes to considering home or industrial improvements to your space. And yet, there will inevitably come a time when you are in dire need of garage floor repair. How do you know when that time comes? Here are 4 signs that can tip… Read more »

Signs You Should Consider Basement Waterproofing

For many homeowners, their basement is a damp place that is often subjected to moisture and flooding. If this is the case in your home, then you will want to seriously consider having your basement professionally waterproofed as soon as possible. Yet, if you have not encountered water problems in your basement, how will you… Read more »

Minnesota Helical And Push Piers In Foundation Repair

Traditionally, foundation repair specialists have stabilized shifting or sinking foundations using either piers or pilings made of concrete or steel. In recent years, the use of drilled concrete piers and pressed concrete pilings has largely been supplanted by steel, a stronger, more versatile material than concrete. In some cases, the combined use of steel piers… Read more »

Nine Benefits of Basement Waterproofing

Keeping your property in good repair is important, especially if you ever plan on selling it. While remembering to maintain commonly used areas of a home is easy, homeowners may forget that the basement also needs attention. Basement waterproofing in particular offers many benefits to a home and its occupants. It can prevent common problems that occur… Read more »

How Basement Repairs Keep Your Home Safe

If you find that your basement is no longer level, then you are in dire need of basement repairs. Done right, this type of repair doesn’t simply fix your basement, but can help to save your home from additional damage and even more expensive fixes in the future. The Importance if Fixing Basement Issues For many homes, the basement… Read more »

Ground Penetrating Radar Important To Successful Minnesota Polyjacking

Ground penetrating radar (GPR) provides a quick and yet sophisticated method for detecting voids and underground objects. As a result, it is often employed by progressive polyjacking contractors before raising concrete slabs. How Does it Work? To locate voids and underground objects, a small energy pulse is sent into the ground. The time it takes for… Read more »