• Residential


    Garage Floors

    Basement Floors

  • Commerical

    Dime-size Holes

    Long-lasting Repair

    Cost Effective

  • Industrial

    Void Fills

    Machine Pads

    Industrial Floors

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  • Drilling

    A pattern of dime-sized holes are drilled through the sunken concrete.

  • Filling & Raising

    Polyurethane foam is injected under the slab through small ports filling all voids and raising it to the desired height.

  • Patching

    The holes are patched and the stabilized area is ready for use immediately.

What People Are Saying

"Injected foam under my concert patio to keep water entering my basement then sealed/caulked the foundation. It looks great!"

Randy Anderson Crystal, MN

"Raised & leveled garage apron & sidewalk to house. Back filled or void filled under front step. Looks great! John & Nick were on time & very professional. They explained the entire process and let me watch. Great guys, great job! "

- Chris Pahl Savage, MN

"Leveled / Filled erosion under sidewalk on West side of house. Filled erosion under two concrete slabs in front of garage. Good Job! John Kane and his assistant were easy to work with. Both guys listened attentively to my input. No complaints on this job."

- John Snelgrove St. Paul, MN

"Repair cracked garage floor concrete and filled in sinking concrete. Fantastic! Punctual, professional, high quality work! Very pleased and would definitely recommend."

- Mary Bauer Maple Grove, MN

"Foam jacked sagging concrete patio and steps really well. They went above and beyond the call of duty that day. There was little extra cost for some additional foam but was very reasonable and well worth it. Patio drains properly and no trip hazards anymore."

- Scott Herbst Edina, MN

"Flooring heat coils were located. They then drilled holes in the living room floor and raised the concrete with polyfoam. It went very well. John and his crew were a great group of guys to work with. They were very conscientious and left the place very clean when they were finished. "

- Evon Draeger Glencoe, MN

"Raise apron in front of garage. Raise back step to garage. Job completed on time and to expectations."

- Fred Tusuchiya Minnetonka, MN

"Raised concrete driveway sections and caulked expansion joints in same driveway. Small holes were drilled in concrete and poly foam was pumped under slab to elevate sunken section of driveway. It went very well. They patched drill holes they made in driveway and cleaned everything up."

- Tim Perrier Prior Lake, Mn

"Nick and Erik were on time and did an outstanding job! They raised my driveway about 1.5 inches and the sidewalk about 5 inches. Nick came back the next day and caulked the joints. It looks great."

- Brian Roper Chaska, MN